ADO : Reeps One Debut Exhibition


In March 2014, ‘ADO: Attention. Deficit. Order’ marked Reeps One’s debut exhibition. Labelled in school as a disorderly, Reeps now aims to redefine perceptions, in particular, of those in constant pursuit of stimulation and knowledge. The exhibition displayed a variety of media produced by Reeps, including ink and oil on canvas, video installations and conceptual works, subsequently catching the attention of BBC News.

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“ADO is a play on ADD. Changing ‘Dis-Order’ to ‘Order’ is simply a fact of life for me in adulthood. The qualities in school I was told to be incorrect have led to the very work here at the ADO exhibition, and successes throughout my adult life.”


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“My message is simply: do what you need in education, but in adult life you should embrace and work with how your mind naturally functions. Dyspraxia, autism, ADHD and ADD are only labels and people are more than these terms imply. My development as an artist is proof of that.”