Music and the Brain


“According to traditional phonetics, we can only produce one source of sound at a time.. Then I met Harry.”


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Reeps endeavours to not only inspire but also educate. Since 2010 Reeps One has continued to collaborate with Professor Sophie Scott in contributing to the UCL Institute of Neurology.His passion for music delves deeper than performance, and in pushing to discover the mysteries behind composition, his ventures have extended to contributing to science.

Reeps One and Sophie Scott’s ongoing study focuses around what makes experts tick and more importantly what is happening in the mind when one masters a skill. Their collaboration has manifested in talks at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, the National Geographic Society, BBC News and a Channel 4 Random Acts film in association with Lemonade Money and IOWEYOUTH.

The short film which the pair worked on features some amazing footage, using medical equipment to analyse Reeps’ from the inside out while he does his thing.