Yeff & Hopper

Reeps One AKA Harry Yeff met the delightfully controversial photographer Ben Hopper in 2011. The pair have since enjoyed a consistently inspiring friendship, with their exchanges culminating in the collaborative project titled ‘Yeff and Hopper’.
‘Moody’, ‘tribal’, ‘sexual’ and ‘carnal’ constitutes just some of the language used by critics to describe their work – nevertheless the pair maintains a strong focus on its core purpose: empowerment.


In March 2014 Reeps One’s debut exhibition hosted a Yeff and Hopper performance piece dubbed ‘The Circle of Naked’. The performance comprised of 10 volunteering models as subjects for live body painting, whom Yeff welcomed the public to join. Ten quickly became 40 – each drawn from the streets by their curiosity of the peculiar marks on their peers’ skin. were inspired to get involved Participants included women, men and children alike, enjoying an unusual opportunity for spontaneity and interaction with art in a uniquely physical way.


“Our subjects are often affected by the markings we apply, evoking a variety of feelings. Some can become shy, while others feel inspired to embody a new persona, performing a bigger, bolder role that their non-painted selves would normally avoid.”